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367 Athens HWY, Suite 650, Loganville, Ga. 30052


From modest beginnings in 1985, founders Richard Grizzard and John Sparks with their team grew Sparks-Grizzard from a small company with 2 employees and a 700 square foot office into a respected leader in construction.

It didn?t take long for word to get out after Sparks-Grizzard had completed our first projects in Georgia that we had quickly established a reputation for hard work, superior quality, and dedication to our clients? long-term success. It was this same reputation that helped Sparks- Grizzard land our first Church related project in the later 1980s. In 1986, we built a new headquarters with 2,000 square feet of office space.


Sparks-Grizzard?s success carried over into the next decade which led to a greater Design/Build presence. A new decade saw dozens of exciting projects across the State and a new milestone for Sparks-Grizzard as we surpassed $8 million in sales. This monumental occasion was a testament to the hard work that our team members put into every project, regardless of size. It also meant we needed to expand our staff, and we added several great associates that carried us into new territories. We lost founding member, Richard Grizzard to heart disease in 1993. Even with this devastating loss, John and the team remained focused with the daunting task of filling Richard?s shoes as well as taking care of business.

With higher sales numbers came more opportunities for expansion. In 1996, we opened our new office and again hired staff to support the expanding client base. In only 9 short years since hitting the $8 million milestone, Sparks-Grizzard more than tripled our sales figures and exceeded $24 million just at the new millennium.


At the turn of the new century, while Sparks-Grizzard was celebrating our 15th anniversary, we continued to expand with the addition of several new Church related clients. In 2003 we saw a passing of the guard with the retirement of Sparks-Grizzard?s original founding member, John Sparks and promotions of Toby Sparks and David Sparks to the helm. With the help of two employees turned partners, Lyman Thompson and Steve Bland, our focus remained fixated on the future as we began designing and constructing more projects around the State.

Even with our eyes set towards the future, we never lost track of our most important values. That focus included improving customer relationships and project quality while maintaining strict budgets. Our efforts resulted in many repeat customers, great relationships, quality construction and dedicated employees.


With the recession looming large in the Southeast, Sparks-Grizzard was lucky in the fact that we had a plan for the unfortunate downturn. With no debt and dedicated principles, we tightened our belts and made the necessary changes to weather the storm. Once the economy eased up, we were in great position to continue on with our mission. At 25 years old our volume was down but our policies and procedures were solid and ready to build again.

Here we are celebrating our 34th anniversary in July of 2019, we have a dedicated group of partners and employees to see us into the next generation and next decade. No matter how much Sparks-Grizzard grows, we never lose sight of our founders? ideals of providing the highest level of quality and professional services to our clients and giving back to the communities in which we work.

“I attended a church that Sparks Grizzard designed and built. They were the least expensive by far which at first caused a red flag. Once the construction was underway it was very apparent that they have an incredible amount of skill and passion in what they do. There no expensive change orders trying to make up for the price. They had an excellent design process and construction was on time. After doing my research on these guys I found that the church I attended was only one of many many churches they have done over there decades in business. I would without question refer anyone to Sparks – Grizzard.”
-Jason Barrett

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